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Located in Shanghai, China, UIWORKS Electronic Tech. Co., Ltd. is a technology-leading company which focus on developing, manufacturing products and solutions of human machine user interface, such as infrared single/multi touch screen.

Leading by Zhuang Songlin, who is Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, our research team has a strong R&D capability, contains 4 Ph.D. and 10 Master Degreemembers. By now, Uiworks has 70 patents, all products pass CE and FCC certification. We provide easily embedded and prominent performance solutions and products to make the humanand computer interactions more effectively and more funny.


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The touch screen of Uiworks has been applied on Liaoning aircraft carrier

Time:11:04 Tue,04-2013

It is currently reported that the touch screen of Uiworks has been applied on Liaoning aircraft carrier. Liaoning aircraft carrier is the first PLA Navy aircraft carrier that can carry fixed wing aircraft. It is the first one of PLA Navy 001-type aircraft carriers. It is developed from the Varyag carrier, the second Kuznetsov aircraft carrier of former Soviet Union. It carries on the same feature as before in overall design. The shape, size, displacement, power plant, etc. are generally the same as Kuznetsov’s. It improved greatly in the superstructure, antiaircraft weapon, electronic equipment, shipboard aircraft equipment, etc.

The main body of the electric news column of PLA Daily on the carrier is the 42-inch liquid crystal touch display of Uiworks. It is divided into the left and right screens. The left screen is the interaction touch zone which can present PLA Daily or other newspapers and publications to read just through a gentle touch on the screen. It will further enrich the spiritual and cultural life of navy. The right screen is HD video display. Above the news column, there is LED credit roll zone to deliver instant news, weather forecast, news flash, early warning, etc. It covers the minimum space with its nice appearance and the update function. It integrates the electronic signs, various information transmission equipments and various security guarantee equipments. The display possesses the feature of fast transmission speed, high transmission capacity, wide coverage, clear image, human-screen interaction, etc.

It is widely known that the access standard of aerospace and national defense is fairly high. It requires the solution of high-tech customization which can also meet key task demands. Also it must be equipped with the high quality for emerging application and the high stability long tested in the market experience. The touch screen of Uiworks applied on Liaoning aircraft carrier greatly approves its brand quality and also indicates the success that Uiworks got in the aerospace field by virtue of the world-leading touch technology.

The touch screen of Uiworks successfully applied in the aerospace field this time is never incidental. The company has a core technology team full of innovation, which is formed by masters and doctors as the main body. In order to make technology research and development and to meet customer demand and experience, Uiworks persists in technological innovation as the chief driving force and constantly pursues the breakthrough in traditional mode. It further accords with the human engineering and the human-computer interaction in operant behavior and actively creates and grasps the opportunity in various industry fields.

In general situation, the fast development of Uiworks these years is due to its high accordance with the development of our nation. The touch screen industry is the sunrise in electronic information industry and also the important part of the 12th Five-Year Plan. It is the mainstay industry of strategy, fundament and guiding supported by the nation, with limitless market prospect. In the meantime, electronic information industry is greatly supported by national policy for its promotion in integrating IT application with industrialization, change of the economic development mode, promotion in international competitiveness and significant support of export expansion. It has formed the policy environment that helps development and the increasingly improved standard framework.

Taking the lead in the development of touch screen application industry, Uiworks has been providing the optimal solutions attentively not only for the 200inch multi touch wall but also for the detailed interactive experience. Also Uiworks has been contributing itself to the aerospace industry of China with its outstanding quality and the internationally advanced technology which opens a new field for the industry development.