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World's biggest multi-touch wall was created

Time:13:21 Fri,11-2012

UK Engage Production has just stacked 24 MultiTaction Cell displays in the new "Executive Brand Suite" of an un-named City of London client to create the world's largest multi touch interactive wall. Measuring some 9.9 x 3 m (32.48 x 9.84 ft), including the base, the monster installation's separate screens function as one huge touch display, capable of tracking and registering an unlimited number of simultaneous touch points.

The 55-inch MultiTaction Cell displays that make up the multi touch wall are manufactured by Finland's MultiTouch Ltd, creators of the Twitter Wall that impressed at CES 2011. This latest gigantic wall of touch forms part of a fully integrated and unique communications facility developed to showcase consumer changes resulting from advances in technology.


As you can see in the following demonstration video, all of the display cell modules used in the creation work as one to register and track an unlimited number of user hands, real world objects, optical markers, and IR pens at a gesture tracking rate of 200 frames per second. Users can also interact wirelessly with the installation using tablets.