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Direct Touchscreen tech was embraced by NVIDIA in Tegra 3 devices

Time:17:05 Mon,11-2012

Synaptics, Atmel,N-trig, Raydium, Cypress and Focaltech -- famous in the field of touch-based devices -- have all agreed get on board with NVIDIA's DirectTouch platform. The tech offloads some of the work needed to track and process finger input from the controller to the Tegra 3, improving response and battery life. We were first introduced to the architecture at CES, but wasn't clear that others would embrace it. With two of the biggest makers oftouchscreen controllers, Synaptics and Atmel, throwing their weight behind the project, though, things are looking up for NVIDIA-powered tablets. N-trig is even leveraging the processing power to improve the response of capacitive styli by combining Direct touch display with DuoSense (the tech behind the HTC Flyer). For more info check out the PR and video after the break.