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Sensor-on-lens touchscreen tech is packed by Sony Xperia V, promises a 'true direct touch experience'

Time:13:14 Mon,11-2012

You may think LG's Optimus G and Nokia's Lumia 920 had futuretouchscreen tech all sewn up, then be ready to welcome Sony's own contribution. Its sensor-on-lens touchscreen will debut on the Xperia V, combining the sensor and lens component of a standard capacitive display, reducing the number of layers, glare and other interference. This improves both image quality and the screen's responsiveness -- Sony reckons the experience brings it in line with the aforementioned on- and in-cell touch display technology. During our brief hands-on at IFA, we found the Xperia V was certainly responsive enough, but perhaps some of that sensation can be attributed to the new screen, rather than the dual-core Snapdragon processor powering it. We'll be sure to give it a thorough testing when our review model appears.